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«The Advance & HSG Gender Intelligence Report is out now!»


Brandnew! Our 2019 Skill Building Program is Online

Exciting new workshops will be on offer from 2019 not only for women, but also for men. The program for male managers is designed to make them aware of the benefits of being an inclusive leader, give them skills and inspire them to engage for gender equality. For the first time, we are also offering a mixed workshop designed for working mothers and fathers who want to manage “boss and baby”. Curious? Take a look at our program.

 Vote Now for Your Preferred D&I Measure! Women's Business Inspirations

Our partner organization, the University of Lucerne, presents impactful measures that have been implemented by companies changing the way we work together. All practice cases will be shared on their website and can be voted on. The winners are presented at the 3rd Women's Business Supper on November 8 in Zurich. Inspire others with your innovative measures! More here.

Long recognized as the preeminent authority on women's leadership, the Simmons Leadership Conference will be held in Dublin on November 13-14, 2018. This year's conference theme, Disrupt the Ordinary, centers on the need to change how we think, behave, and do business in an era of accelerating innovation. A can’t miss event for women leaders! Advance members benefit from a reduced fee. Please use the discount code "AWS10". Registration here. More information here. Take a look here at what past attendees had to say.

Swiss Economic Forum - Masterclass with Advance

“Fostering talent ought to be a priority of any leader. It is one of the most important and at the same time most rewarding leadership tasks. With their comprehensive program for female talents, Advance offers excellent opportunities for cross-company skill building, mentoring and networking.” - Rebecca Guntern, Country Head Sandoz Pharmaceuticals & Vice President Advance

At this year’s Swiss Economic Forum (SEF), Advance co-organized a Masterclass on "Talent Promotion: How to Take them to the Top". The panel included Rebecca Guntern, Country Head, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals & Vice President of Advance, Esther de Boer, CEO & Owner GetDiversity & President of the Women’s Enterprises Association, Hans C. Werner, Swisscom, Gabriela Manser, Goba, and Riccarda Mecklenburg, moderation. They discussed strategies and tactics employers can use to effectively attract, promote and retain talented people – especially women. At Advance, we know this is a “must” for successful businesses because mixed teams perform better in today’s complex environment.

Gender Equality Means Business

Take a look at this uplifting short video with key messages from leaders to leaders from our International Women’s Day Campaign 2018. You might want to share it within your company. We are already looking ahead to 2019. If you would like to join our IWD workstream as a volunteer get in touch with

We Are Delighted to Welcome our New Members

A very warm welcome to Straumann Group, Greentech Capital Advisors, Boston Consulting Group, Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law, SAP, DSM. We are proud to have you on board of Advance and look very much forward to working with you. Advance has grown to over 80 member companies. - Together we can have an even bigger impact. Together #WeAdvance faster!

Schilling Report 2018

Latest developments in Swiss executive and advisory boards. More here.

Women in the Economy II - Citi Global Perspectives and Solutions Report 2017

Read how implementing a women’s economic empowerment agenda can shape the global economy. Full report here.

More Women on Boards of Directors: Ten Proven Ideas to Put into Practice

The Swiss Employers Confederation initiates a project in partnership with a group of expert partners, among them Advance, to increase female representation on board level. Ten practice proven actions are recommended to support companies in their endeavours to achieve more gender diversity on their boards of directors. Download here.

Advance Gender Intelligence Report Switzerland 2017 

We are delighted to publish the first Advance Gender Intelligence Report Switzerland 2017, conducted in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander, Director Competence Centre for Diversity & Inclusion, University of St. Gallen. The goal of this report is to create transparency on gender diversity development for Advance Member Companies over time and to derive effective actionable recommendations based on the results of the analysis. This year's study is based on the anonymized data of 127'000 employees. It will be conducted every year. Please find the media release for the Swiss press here.

10 Years of Insights on Gender Diversity by our Member McKinsey

«Women Matter 2017», download the full report here.

New Study on Equal Pay by our Member Accenture

Accenture Report «Getting to Equal 2017»

New Study on Gender Diversity in Switzerland

CS Research Institute:  Read more 



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